= indorsement
1) A signature on the back of a bill of exchange or cheque, making it payable to the person who signed it. A bill can be endorsed any number of times, the presumption being that the endorsements were made in the order in which they appear, the last named being the holder to receive payment. If the bill is blank endorsed, i.e. no endorsee is named, it is payable to the bearer. In the case of a restrictive endorsement of the form ‘Pay X only’, it ceases to be a negotiable instrument. A special endorsement, when the endorsee is specified, becomes payable to order, which is short for ‘in obedience to the order of’.
2) A signature required on a document to make it valid in law.
3) An amendment to an insurance policy or cover note, recording a change in the conditions of the insurance.

Accounting dictionary. 2014.

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